Hackeru Solutions

Defeating today’s threats

with tomorrow’s tech

Defeating today’s

threats with

tomorrow’s tech

We are
HackerU Solutions

Founded in 1996, ThriveDX, formerly known as HackerU LTD, is a global leader in technological and cybersecurity education.

Hosting a workforce of over 1000, HackerU Solutions was established to further the company’s mission to empower companies against the constantly evolving threats of today’s cyber landscape.

Our cyber researchers and agents work hand-in-hand with over 500 partners, providing a digital sword and shield to clientele around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people across the globe with first-class cybersecurity services and education as a reliable partner in all things cybersecurity.

We equip students, small companies, and large corporations with the means to accomplish real security by providing the tools, experience, and services they need to thrive in today’s evolving digital economy.

Our Values


Best-in-class research and threat intelligence are the frontline in securing organizations against ever-evolving cyber threats


Building a better future by providing companies and aspiring cybersecurity professionals with the knowledge, means, and experience to advance their careers and businesses


Seasoned cybersecurity professionals and hands-on CyberEd develop an industry-ready workforce and secure the world’s digital economy

Leadership Team

Ilan Mindel


The CEO of HackerU Solutions and CTO of HackerU. Ilan Mindel is an interdisciplinary cyber expert with over 10 years of experience in penetration testing, cyber forensics, and vulnerability assessment.

Guy Taubin


A seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in executive operations, Guy Taubin has lent his expertise in UI/UX development, .NET, and go-to-market strategy to a variety of companies across a multitude of industries.

Asaf Katz


A penetration testing and cybersecurity researcher who advises HackerU, Asaf Katz mitigates security risks by exploring uncharted territory to discover new vulnerabilities and build defenses.

Igor Semyonov


A cybersecurity expert with vast experience in the military and government sectors, Igor Semyonov is a seasoned Red Team operations lead and penetration tester.